4 Clever Travel Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier This Holiday Season

The holiday season means more people will be travelling to see friends and family. Between mid-December and the first week of January, we’ll have more flights at Halifax Stanfield, which may require extra time to arrive, park, check-in and clear security. If you, like thousands of others have plans to take to the skies this holiday season, take a look at these handy tips:

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East Coast of Canada home to North America’s Most International Medium-sized Airport

Halifax Stanfield has been flying under the radar among more well-known international airports in Canada and the United States, such as Toronto, New York and Atlanta. This year, the airport’s impressive list of 20 international destinations has it taking off as a global gateway leader among medium-sized airports in North America, according to OAG, the leading global provider of travel data and insight.

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Halifax Stanfield to Host Interagency Training Exercise

Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA), in cooperation with airport tenants and several public sector emergency response agencies, will be conducting a security exercise at Halifax Stanfield International Airport on Thursday, July 18.
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Travel Tips to Get You Flight-Ready

Halifax Stanfield Expects More Air Travellers This Summer

We’ve all been there. Things don’t go according to plan and you wind up starting your trip off stressed, before you even get on the plane. Passenger volume at Halifax Stanfield has been growing steadily since 2013, and this year is no exception. Halifax Stanfield was recently named the Most International, Medium Sized Airport in North America, serving 20 international destinations! With so many places to go to, the airport will be busier than ever over the coming weeks.

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Welcome Back, American Airlines

Non-stop Service to Philadelphia Resumes

American Airlines and its passengers are feeling the love at Halifax Stanfield today as service to Philadelphia, a popular U.S. destination and strategic hub to points beyond, was reintroduced.

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Maritimers: Let the Windy City Blow You Away This Summer

United Airlines’ Non-stop Service to Chicago Takes Off from Halifax Stanfield

Connections between the Windy City and the Maritimes is worth it for the deep-dish pizza and donairs alone. Starting today, United Airlines is offering non-stop service between Chicago O’Hare and Halifax Stanfield. This non-stop flight allows Maritimers to easily become one of the millions of people who visit Chicago each year, and in return, provides the residents of the Midwestern United States access to the renowned beauty and culture of Canada’s East Coast.

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Autism Aviators Mock Travel Day Aims to Remove Barriers to Travel

For 20-year-old Jacob Thibault of Dartmouth, NS, travelling outside Canada has been a life-long dream. As a Nova Scotia Community College student and avid YouTuber, Jacob loves new experiences and adventures.

Now, with his college graduation just around the corner, Jacob’s dream of travelling is about to come true. His mother, Erin, has planned a special graduation trip where the two of them will visit Santa Monica Pier in California.

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