HIAA Records Significant Financial Loss in 2020 due to COVID-19; Prepares for Multi-Year Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly stalled air travel activity beginning in March 2020, resulting in the largest financial loss ever recorded by Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA).

This, and other details about how the pandemic affected HIAA and its plans for recovery, were presented today at its Annual Public Meeting, held virtually to comply with COVID-19 provincial public health protocols.

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2020 Passenger Traffic at Halifax Stanfield Hit 50-Year Low

HIAA Calls on Federal Government to Provide Financial Support, Implement National Health Strategy for Air Sector Recovery

Walking through Halifax Stanfield these days feels a bit like you’ve stumbled onto the set of a post-apocalyptic movie. Escalators are turned off, lights are dimmed, stores are shuttered, and traveller sightings are few and far between. The pandemic, which has created challenges for many in our communities, has decimated the aviation industry and stalled passenger traffic at levels not seen since 1972.

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