Halifax Stanfield International Airport operates in an aggressive marketplace within Atlantic Canada. To maintain its status as the hub aviation complex for Atlantic Canada, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) has embarked on a multi-year Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Several phases of this ambitious AIP have already been completed including:

  • Improvements to the domestic and international arrivals areas and the south end hold rooms.
  • Expansion of the public parking lot and the main lobby retail area – Airport Square.
  • Construction of a public observation area, an airside subdivision, and a water treatment facility.
  • Creation of a new roadway system, including reconstruction of the North Tunnel to provide passengers with ground access to the parking lot at the north end of the terminal building, reconfiguration of the terminal front roadway to improve the flow of passengers and vehicles by creating separate roads for picking up and dropping off passengers, creation of a split curb at the north end of the terminal to separate traffic so that U.S. bound passengers will be dropped off on the island curb and commercial traffic (taxis, limos, buses) will use the inside lane, adjacent to the terminal, and construction of a new one-way loop roadway system to improve traffic safety and wayfinding, reduce congestion and increase the road network capacity.
  • Opening of a south end commuter aircraft facility.
  • Introduction of U.S. a preclearance facility.
  • Construction of a 2,300 space parkade.

To finance its AIP, HIAA has developed a multi-faceted financial approach that includes reinvesting operating surpluses, borrowing, and the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF). The $28 AIF (effective January 1st, 2018) is included in a departing passenger’s ticket price, and goes directly to fund the airport’s capital improvements.