Coming to the airport? Here’s what you need to know.

    Everyone has a role to play to protect themselves and those around them by wearing a mask or face covering, practicing good personal hygiene, and keeping a safe physical distance.


    Everyone at the airport is required to wear a mask or face covering.

    In alignment with public health recommendations and Transport Canada requirements, we require everyone at Halifax Stanfield, including employees and travellers, to always wear a mask or face covering inside the terminal building and the parkade. Masks are an added layer of protection and are especially helpful in settings where physical distancing is not possible.

    Access to Terminal Building

    We have limited access to the terminal building to travellers and airport employees only, to minimize contact and respect physical distancing. If you are picking up or dropping off a traveller, wait outside the terminal building in our designated pick-up and drop-off areas.

    If you’re picking up a passenger at the designated curbside area on the lower level, please do not leave your vehicle unattended and abide by the posted signage.

    If a traveller requires assistance, only one person, wearing a mask, may go inside to help.

    Please note: Anyone arriving at Halifax Stanfield from outside Nova Scotia is required by the Government of Nova Scotia to self-isolate for 14 days, unless they are exempt from self-isolation, and will be directed to exit the terminal building immediately upon leaving the baggage claim area.


    Masks are mandatory when using public transportation in Nova Scotia. This includes the Halifax Transit #320 Bus, airport car services (taxis and limos), and airport shuttles.

    The government requires travellers arriving in Nova Scotia to self-isolate for 14 days. These travellers are not permitted on public transportation during the 14-day period, including Halifax Transit’s MetroX Airport Express #320 bus route.

    Taxis continue to be available as a method of transportation for travellers. Please visit our Transportation page to learn more.


    We have increased the extent and frequency of cleaning at the airport.

    We’ve ramped up the cleaning and sanitization of high-traffic areas, washrooms, and common touchpoints. We’ve hired additional cleaning staff to ensure this is done at the highest efficiency, and ultimately to create a healthier and safer airport environment for all.

    Health and Safety

    We ask everyone coming to the airport to follow public health guidelines by staying 2 metres (or 6 feet) apart from anyone outside your family bubble.

    This is not always possible, which is why we’re requiring everyone to wear a mask. Physical distancing signage will continue to be added in strategic locations throughout the airport to remind people of these measures.

    To keep ourselves and others safe, it is recommended to wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water.

    We have placed hand-sanitizing stations around the airport when handwashing is not possible. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or use a tissue, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.