Many people find airports fascinating, and Halifax Stanfield International is no exception. That’s why we created our Airport Tour Program. It has been designed primarily to educate the youth of our community, however, it’s quite popular with explorers of all ages. Tours of the airport are held on Wednesdays, from mid-September to mid-June (excluding peak season periods). A tour generally lasts for an hour and a half to three hours, and they can be customized to meet your group’s specific needs.

Here are some of the areas you may visit or learn about.

Ticket Counters

Learn how passengers and their baggage are checked in and sent on their way.


Find out what’s offered at the airport, and learn how to read the pictogram signs.

Pre-board Screening

Learn all about what the pre-boarding staff have to watch for and what’s expected of them. Staff from Securitas, who perform the pre-board screening, will demonstrate the x-ray equipment and tell you what their role is at the airport.

Airport Security

See a brief presentation on Airport Security’s tasks at the airport. You may also get a demonstration of EVD equipment (bomb sniffing equipment) and all the things they carry on their equipment belts.


A member of the RCMP will explain their responsibilities at the airport. This includes spending some time with the RCMP dogmaster who will talk about his job at the airport, along with a demonstration of his dog in action.

Customs – International

A Customs Officer will tell you about what they do and show you how passengers go through Customs to enter the country. Sometimes, school groups make their own “passports” and bring them on the tour where the Customs Officer will stamp them.

Dog Master and Detector Dog

Occasionally, depending on their availability, we are fortunate enough to have the dog master and detector dog conduct a demonstration during the Customs tour. The dog master will talk about their duties at the airport and have the detector dog perform a simulated search.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact:

Customer Relations

Halifax International Airport Authority
Halifax Stanfield International Airport
1 Bell Boulevard
Enfield, Nova Scotia B2T 1K2

Phone: 902.873.1434