Air Canada Technical Services

Halifax Stanfield International Airport
601 Barnes Drive
Goffs, Nova Scotia B2T 1K2

Lawrence Blaney, Manager ACM YOW-YHZ-YYT-YQB
Phone: 514.241.7847

Global Aviation Services

541 Barnes Drive
Goffs, Nova Scotia
AMO: 1-99
EASA: 145-7165
Phone: 902.873.4100
Fax: 902.873.3991

Director of Maintenance/Quality Assurance
Corey Rose
Cell: 902.718.7913

JetSetters Maintenance Services Inc.

549 Barnes Road, Suite 216
Goffs, Nova Scotia B2K 1K3

AMO 20-07
EASA Approved
USA Supplement

Richard Benoit, Director of Maintenance
Phone: 514.233.8454

Victor Cabral, Production Manager
Phone: 514.893.6450

Gaetan Mercier, Quality Assurance Manager
Phone: 514.918.8454

Kelowna Flightcraft

667 Barnes Road
Goffs, Nova Scotia B2T 1K3

Dave Hunt, YHZ Base Manager
Phone: 902.873.4553
Cell: 902.452.9234
Fax: 902.873.3769