Terrorism and criminal activity are a worldwide concern to society generally, and modes of transportation such as aviation in particular. Security has become a “fact of life” in our industry, and is indeed a vital part of all airport operations. The police and many airport agnecies work together to combat this threat and to keep our airport safe. However, the airport covers a large area and is constantly growing, therefore, the police and security look towards additional resources in order to maintain the safe environment of Halifax Stanfield International Airport (HSIA).

The iWatch program is designed to increase security awareness within the Halifax Stanfield International Airport community, and to encourage the reporting of suspicious activity to airport security. With the entire airport community working together in this way, we render safe our community, and the passengers and visitors who we serve.

Keeping Watch on Our Airport Community

Security threats no longer happen “somewhere else”. Terrorism in particular has become a worldwide threat. Even here in Canada, terrorism has occrured as well as terrorists having been arrested. Terrorism and criminal behaviour endangers lives and property and its results can have serious and far-reaching effects. In addition to personal safety, security incidents or breaches of security result in costly flight delays that impact airlines, passengers and airport businesses. However, a strong, vibrant airport community built on a network of security education and caring individuals has proven to be an extremely effective protection against such threats. That is where the iWatch program steps in.

Airport employees are educated through briefings and literature on the “indicators” of terrorist and criminal behaviour and of the need to immediately report such observations to airport security. What is a suspicious activity? Generally, if it looks suspicious to the observer, then it should be reported – let the police and security experts make the final determination. Whether it is an unattended piece of luggage, a person acting suspiciously or a suspicious vehicle – all such indicators of possible terrorist/criminal activity must be reported. Airport police and security members will then step in to investigate.

To encourage reporting, the iWatch Program has a “Recognition” and “Reward” element to it that is designed not only to encourage reporting, but also to assist the program to grow.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Everybody working at or visiting our airport is encouraged to report all suspicious activity.

Call in at 873.6911. Or, if the report does not require an immediate response, email iwatch@hiaa.ca.

Please remember, NEVER take the law into your own hands. Let our trained police and security personnel respond to your call.

Our Airport Security motto says it all:

Security in the Air…Starts on the Ground.