The information in the following section is directed to individuals who work at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and is not intended for the general public.

Les informations contenues dans la section suivante s’adressent aux personnes qui travaillent à l’aéroport international Stanfield d’Halifax et ne sont pas destinées au grand public.

Security Clearance

If your employment requires you to have access to restricted areas of Halifax Stanfield International Airport, you will need to complete the following two forms.

1. Restricted Area Identification Card

Application for a Restricted Area Identification Card (8 1/2″ x 11″)

Please print this form, fill it out and have it approved by your company’s authorized signing authority.

2. Transportation Security Clearance

Applications for Transportation Security Clearance from Transport Canada must be completed online, printed and brought to the Halifax Stanfield Pass Control office. Visit to complete the form.

Once completed, both forms can be dropped off at:

Halifax International Airport Authority
Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Pass Control Office
Centre Tunnel, Air Terminal Building
1 Bell Boulevard, Enfield, Nova Scotia
Phone: 902.873.1253
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Airport Traffic Directives (AVOP Program)

The airside of an airport is a specialized working environment governed by specialized rules and designed to prevent accidents and minimize personal injuries and damage to equipment, property and the environment.

Halifax International Airport Authority issues the Halifax Stanfield Airport Traffic Directives as a reference source to combine the applicable regulations, rules, policies, and procedures related to safe vehicle operation and pedestrian activity on the airside.

The following three manuals comprise the Halifax Stanfield Airport Traffic Directives.

For further information on the Halifax Stanfield Airport Traffic Directives contact