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    This plan looks ahead to the next 20 years (taking us to 2041) and describes how we plan to evolve Halifax Stanfield to meet the future needs of our partners and airport community.


    The Halifax Stanfield Master Plan 2041 outlines the following:

    Numerous stakeholders, including members of the community and business partners, contributed their ideas and feedback to the process and participated in an extensive outreach program designed to improve communications, enhance solutions, and facilitate sustainable decision-making.

    Additionally, we have a long-standing and active Community Consultative Committee that was consulted throughout the master planning process. Further, public awareness, feedback and support for Master Plan 2041 were achieved through facilitating three public open houses from 2019 to 2021.

    Throughout the planning process, the team was motivated by COVID-19 to incorporate flexible practices and designs to accommodate unexpected health risks — with a focus on leveraging existing facilities through process and technology improvements, rather than investing in new ones. The goal is to implement sustainable, cost-effective solutions that optimize operational efficiency and enhance safety.

    We believe strongly in environmental excellence and stewardship and are striving to promote sustainability in our practices. We are committed to active environmental management and improving environmental performance at Halifax Stanfield.