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    The safety and security of our passengers, employees and broader community is our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone stays safe at Halifax Stanfield, whether they’re travelling, visiting, or working. We proudly comply fully with all government-issued security measures, meeting or exceeding Transport Canada standards.

    Security Services

    Our security service runs a Security Operations Centre (SOC) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also manages the restricted area access clearance program, maintains a key control system, and enforces parking and traffic regulations.

    Emergency Response Service

    There is a fully trained Emergency Response Services Platoon at the airport 24hours a day, seven days a week. They provide fire fighting services, as well as emergency response services for aircraft and environmental emergencies.

    Policing Services

    Policing at the airport is performed by Halifax Regional Police. They provide an armed response to pre-board security incidents, and an explosive-detection dog and handler. As well, the RCMP provides general policing services to the airport as the police force of jurisdiction.

    On-board Aircraft

    Transport Canada’s policy ensures that passengers travel in a safe and secure environment. Under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Aeronautics Act, it is illegal to behave in a manner that is threatening to aircraft crew members or passengers. Anyone in contravention of the law, or anyone violating the rights of others will be intercepted by the police upon landing. 

    Travel During Inclement Weather

    Inclement weather can cause flight delays and cancellations. The terminal building never closes so travellers will never be stranded without shelter. To confirm the status of your flight, contact your airline directly or visit our Flights page.

    Drone Safety

    Commercial and operational use of drones is growing in popularity. Operating drones around aircraft and airports poses serious safety risks. For more information on safely operating drones, please visit Transport Canada’s website.

    Laser Pointers

    Laser light directed at aircraft can be a hazard, possibly causing a distraction or temporary flash blindness to a pilot. This puts those on board an aircraft and on the ground at serious risk. 

    Pointing a laser at an aircraft is illegal and a criminal offence. Under the Aeronautics Act, a conviction for pointing a laser at an aircraft carries up to $100,000 in fines, 5 years in prison, or both.

    For more information on laser pointer safety, please visit Transport Canada’s website.

    iWatch Program

    Our iWatch program is designed to increase security awareness within our airport community and encourage the reporting of suspicious activity to airport security. Airport employees are educated through briefings and literature on the indicators of suspicious activity and why it is important to immediately report such observations.

    What is suspicious activity?

    Generally, if it looks suspicious, then it should be reported – let the police and security experts make the final determination. Whether it is an unattended piece of luggage, a person acting suspiciously or a suspicious vehicle – all indicators of possible criminal activity must be reported. Airport police and the security team will then step in to investigate.

    Reporting suspicious activity

    Everyone working at or visiting our airport is encouraged to report all suspicious activity. Please remember to never take the law into your own hands. Let our trained police and security personnel respond to your call.

    To make a report:

    Call: 902-873-6911
    Email: iwatch@hiaa.ca (non-urgent reports only)

    To encourage reporting, the iWatch Program has a recognition and reward element designed not only to encourage reporting, but also to help the program grow. With the entire airport community working together in this way, we render safe our community, and the passengers and visitors who we serve.

    Forms & Directives

    For security clearance forms and airport traffic directives, please visit our Forms & Directives page.