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    Artist: Arjun Lal
    Location: Bottom of the escalators before domestic baggage claim

    Arjun Lal was born in Halifax and identifies as a queer person of colour. They are a current student at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) and have been focusing on themes of community building, public installation and queer culture in their work.

    “Art means many things to me. It’s something I use to relax or a tool to effect changes. I’m interested in feelings of joy and how to find it, share it, or create a sensation of joy for others,” says Lal.

    Lal’s installation is inspired by the individuality of people in Canadian culture. This piece was made to acknowledge identities that add diversity and vibrancy within communities. Lal hopes people arriving in Halifax see this piece and feel welcomed, knowing our culture recognizes a growing awareness of identities.